UK Bitcoin Mining Group


Instant Payments

As soon as a block is mined, your %age of the block-value (25+transaction fees) is delivered to your bitcoin wallet address as a “generated” amount, free of all bitcoin transfer fees.


100% Uptime

No loss of earnings during maintenance – simply set your miner to a backup p2pool (we’re happy to suggest some) and when we upgrade, restart, or have to do maintenance on the bitcoind servers or the p2pool mining control servers or the web servers you still mine, with no loss of hashes or earnings


No signup

No complex signups, no odd worker details to create, no personal data collected – simply point your miner at the pool with your wallet address for payouts, and anything you like as a password


Why UKBMG is better than PPS (Pay Per Share) Pools …

PPS payments are: ( ( (1 / Difficulty ) * (BlockReward) ) – PublishedFee ) – HiddenFees

Whilst it (initially) sounds great 0 a steady/known/predictable income for your mining activity, there are major downsides.

* Fees can be high, reducing the amount you get for your effort

* Withdrawals usually depend on having a minimum balance which can take months to reach

* Required to signup and give personal data

* Earnings under 50% of that from UKBMG P2Pool over an average month

* No payment of Bitcoin Transaction Fees minted


Example – Figures correct as at 20/July/2013

Difficulty = 26,162,876 (from

PPS = ( ( 1 / 26,162,876 ) * 25 ) =  0.0000009/share

Shares per hour (for 333MH/s) = 173 on average

PPS Earnings for 7 days mining at 1000MH/s = 173 * 24 * 7 * 0.0000009 = 0.0261576 BTC

Actual amount received is 0.0261576 - pool fee (averages 5%) – so 0.0248497 and then a bitcoin transaction fee  when it’s paid to you.

Compared to over the last 6 days, a 333MH/s miner received 0.03857553 - thats 36% more money, all paid direct to wallet as it happens – no “history” for people to see in a blockchain explorer